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  • Retire proof your business: Video, Manual and Workbook Modules 1 and 2


    Children go through various stages of growth. Your child starts out as a baby, becomes an infant, preschooler, school aged kid, pre-teen, teenager and finally an adult. Each phase of this growth requires different set of parenting skills. When your child is a baby, you do everything for him or her. As he gets older, you expect that child to do more and more by his or herself. First, they start feeding themselves, then they know how to put on their clothes, then they learn how to choose their own clothes, then they form their style and begin to shop for their clothes, then they begin to earn the money to buy their own clothes, then they finally kiss you good bye and go off on their own.

    A well thought out business should go through the same phase. The problem is a lot of entrepreneurs never want to stop treating their “should be adult by now business” as babies. They still want to do everything for the business and never let go enough for the business to actually develop its own personality. The bad news is unless your business is allowed to become an adult, you are stuck to your desk until you can let go.

    This do it yourself program will take you through 6 modules and get you thinking about what is needed to get your business ready for your retirement.

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    Scheduled release: December 2017

    You will get Module 1 now but will get modules 2 December of 2017.

  • Lifestyle Entrepreneurship: A CPA’s perspective e-book


    The Lifestyle Entrepreneurship Book is a guide that has what you need to research, launch and skyrocket your home business with a truly unfair advantage. In order to succeed and earn passive income in your lifestyle business, you need to learn how to manage your money well. The book discusses:

    Systems: The systems needed to gain financial independence from your business.

    Cashflow Management: Discover how money can flow into your lifestyle business, and how to make it work for you – so you don’t have to struggle like other people do.

    Financial Simplification: using software to simplify your record keeping

    Budgeting: This book teaches you the why’s and how’s of budgeting.

  • Retire Proof your Business – Video, Manual and Workbook Module 2


    Module 2– Planning for growth

    If you are in business, you know the importance of profits. But what is your profit really telling you? Do you know what numbers you should be looking at to improve profitability.

    In this module you get insights on:

    • Deeper meaning of the numbers in your financial statement.
    • Better understanding of where you have been to better understand where you are going: To understand where you are going, first you have to understand where you have been.
    • Important ratios in your business
    • Understand how much you should pay yourself and what you will need to get there
    • Understand your cash flow better
    • And much more …

    This profitability analysis comes with detailed exercises to motivate the action you need for future growth. Get detailed insights into your business.

    Release date: December 2017

  • Access to all templates for consultants


    Get the right support for your client. For one annual fee, you get access to all resources on this website plus all new resources

    1. Access to all templates
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    4. Give your clients the full range of expertise they need
    5. Discounted prices on customized template
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    7. Dedicated support

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  • 2019 Tax Planning for Entrepreneurs (Full Version)



    Now is the time to plan savings on your 2019 taxes!

    With the 2019 tax planning template you can test to see how different circumstances affect your tax liability.

    With this package you will be able to effectively plan to pay less in 2019!

    In addition to planning your current situation, you can test what your tax liability will be as a sole proprietor, partnership, s corporation or c corporation.  Since the tax rates for corporations have been lowered, it is worth taking a look to see if this is of benefit to you.

    Do not wait till 2020 to find out your tax liability, be sure to take advantage of the template

    Take a look inside the template …

  • Budgeting with Tax Planning Template


    If you are looking for a budget spreadsheet where you can enter your projected income and expenses and the spreadsheet automatically calculates cash flow, tax liabilities and analyzes the numbers with some important metrics then this spreadsheet is for you.

    When budgeting it is not only important to project income and expenses but how this projection affects your desired outcome. Budgeting an increase in revenue without the corresponding increases in expenses or effect on cash flow is not very effective. In this spreadsheet, you can modify the budget by making assumptions in the what if analysis tab.

    This package includes sub budget worksheets to compute details for:

    1. Income
    2. Expenses
    3. Fixed assets and depreciation
    4. Labor cost
    5. Marketing and development expense
    6. Administrative expense
    7. Loan analysis

    The workbook can be used with  this free course

  • Audit proof your business


    What would you do if the IRS picked you for an audit?

    Do you have all the documentation required to protect you?

    Using this template along side with this free course , you can speed up the audit process.

    Good documentation not only helps with an audit but forms the basis of good financial planning.

    With this package you get:

    Policies and procedure template: This forms the basis on which your books are kept. The policies discussed in the template are:

    1. General policies
    2. Revenue
    3. Expenses
    4. Inventory
    5. Cash management
    6. Fixed assets
    7. Capitals or loans
    8. Chart of accounts
    9. Employee benefits including the new employer credit for paid family and medical leave
    10. Payroll including how owners pay and dividends are determined
    11. Owners contribution documentation
    12. Promissory note template
    13. Financial reporting process
    14. Annual meeting process
    15. Sample agenda
    16. Sample minutes

    In addition you get templates for:

    1. Depreciation schedule
    2. Invoicing
    3. Mileage log
    4. Reimbursement log
    5. Checkbook register
    6. Cash register
  • 2018 Tax Planning for Entrepreneurs



    Now is the time to plan savings on your 2018 taxes!

    Take a look inside the template …

  • Business Budget Template


    This business budget template is designed for the business owner who sells products.

    It addresses the various steps a product business goes through to make a profit.

    This template includes the following budgets:

    1. The sales budget
    2. The production budget ( number of units to make or purchase in order to meet sales goal)
    3. The material purchase budget
    4. The direct labor budget
    5. The production overhead budget
    6. The selling and administrative budget
    7. The income statement
    8. Break even analysis
    9. What-if analysis
    10. Accounts receivable schedule
    11. Accounts payable schedule
    12. Cash flow analysis

    All budgets are inter-related so you only have to enter your data once.

    This template can be customized to suit your business needs.

  • Retire Proof your Business – Video, Manual and Workbook

    $29.99 $19.99

    Do you know exactly what you need from your business in order to retire .

    Whether you plan to:

    1. Sell your business
    2. Keep your business but have others run it
    3. Close your business.

    You need to set the right goals so you can someday retire.

    In this module, you learn:

    • What exactly do you need to retire?
    • Is your business capable of providing that income?
    • The valuation required for your retirement
    • Your current valuation
    • Gap analysis: What makes up the difference between your current valuation and target valuation.

    This module focuses on what is required to generate the assets needed so you can live on the interest payments only when you retire. In this this way you do not have to worry about outliving your retirement dollars as the principal remains untouched. So, if you live for 10 years or 100 years after retirement, it wouldn’t matter as you have enough assets to cover your lifestyle.

    What is included

    1. A manual in word format with detailed video instructions and valuable tips
    2. An excel workbook for your calculations


  • Personal Financial Statement


    This simple template will help you create a printable personal financial statement.

    This is useful if your bank requires an annual personal financial statement update.

    This can be printed, signed and handed over to your banker.

  • Expense tracker template


    Being self-employed could be overwhelming but proper planning you can stay ahead of the game. The expense tracker template was specifically designed for self employed individuals who have no system of keeping track of expenses.

    The first step to a successful tax year, in preparation and savings, is getting and keeping organized financially.  It is very easy to lose track of expenses during the year. Use templates like the expense tracker template to keep track of your expenses including home office deductions.  The expense tracker template uses the same expense categories as the IRS form schedule C.

  • Budget with financial analysis template

    Congratulations on taking the plunge to improve your business!
    This template can be used for analyzing your current financial statements or budgeted numbers for the upcoming  or current year.
    1)The template can help you understand:

    1.  If you are growing as planned
    2.  If your debt is out of control
    3.  If you have enough cash to pay your taxes
    4.  How much you should be paying yourself.
    In addition there are sub budget templates, that can help you compute details for the following:

    1. Set personal goals: as a small business owner the budgeted financials starts with what you want personally.
    2. Projected revenue
    3. Budgeted administrative expenses
    4. Asset purchases and depreciation
    5. Budgeted labor cost
    6. Loan analysis
    7. Marketing plus business development budget
    8. Market pay for owner
    9. Personal net worth calculator

    To get the most of this template see the following free courses:

    1. How to create the budget
    2. Interpreting the numbers in line of your personal goals

    Consultation is also available by emailing: