Retire proof your business: Video, Manual and Workbook Modules 1 and 2

Children go through various stages of growth. Your child starts out as a baby, becomes an infant, preschooler, school aged kid, pre-teen, teenager and finally an adult. Each phase of this growth requires different set of parenting skills. When your child is a baby, you do everything for him or her. As he gets older, you expect that child to do more and more by his or herself. First, they start feeding themselves, then they know how to put on their clothes, then they learn how to choose their own clothes, then they form their style and begin to shop for their clothes, then they begin to earn the money to buy their own clothes, then they finally kiss you good bye and go off on their own.

A well thought out business should go through the same phase. The problem is a lot of entrepreneurs never want to stop treating their “should be adult by now business” as babies. They still want to do everything for the business and never let go enough for the business to actually develop its own personality. The bad news is unless your business is allowed to become an adult, you are stuck to your desk until you can let go.

This do it yourself program will take you through 6 modules and get you thinking about what is needed to get your business ready for your retirement.

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Scheduled release: December 2017

You will get Module 1 now but will get modules 2 December of 2017.

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This do it yourself e-program will take you through 6 modules and get you thinking about what is needed to get your business ready for your retirement.

Module 1 – Is my business worth it?      

  • What exactly do you need to retire
  • Is your business capable of providing that income?
  • The valuation required for your retirement
  • Your current valuation
  • Gap analysis: What makes up the difference between your current valuation and target valuation.

This module focuses on what is required to generate the assets needed so you can live on the interest payments only when you retire. In this this way you do not have to worry about outliving your retirement dollars as the principal remains untouched. So, if you live for 10 years or 100 years after retirement, it wouldn’t matter as you have enough assets to cover your lifestyle.

Module 2– Planning for growth

  • Profitability analysis: Know what the numbers on your financials mean. To understand where you are going, first you have to understand where you have been. This profitability analysis comes with detailed exercises to motivate the action you need for future growth.Get detailed insights into your business.
  • Internal process analysis:  Learn how you can monetize all internal processes to find areas where the same functions can be delivered at less cost.
  • Budget: Use the insights you have gained from the exercises above to create a 5-year budget to meet your growth goals from Module 1.

Scheduled release: December 2017

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