• 2019 Tax Planning for Entrepreneurs (Full Version)



    Now is the time to plan savings on your 2019 taxes!

    With the 2019 tax planning template you can test to see how different circumstances affect your tax liability.

    With this package you will be able to effectively plan to pay less in 2019!

    In addition to planning your current situation, you can test what your tax liability will be as a sole proprietor, partnership, s corporation or c corporation.  Since the tax rates for corporations have been lowered, it is worth taking a look to see if this is of benefit to you.

    Do not wait till 2020 to find out your tax liability, be sure to take advantage of the template

    Take a look inside the template …

  • Markup Calculator


    Use this template to calculate markup if cost of sales and desired markup is know.

    This template also allows you do the calculation in reverse.

  • Project Profitability Calculator


    A quick and easy template to compute the profitability of your project.