The art of becoming

Being does not come from doing but doing comes from being. For example, fish by their very nature swim. God made us all differently, with different likes, interests and tastes. Our inclination to take on to different tasks comes as a direct result of our uniqueness. Some nerds like me find numbers very intriguing while others will rather stick a pin in their eye.

When our actions counteract our individuality, we feel like a fish out of water and we find ourselves forcing ourselves to complete the tasks at hand. For the most part, this tasks never come to completion because we are acting in ways that are foreign to our nature.

Knowing yourself is one of the first steps to initiating change. When you have a solid understanding of your likes, dislikes, or habits, you are in a better position to instigate the changes you need to become the person you were created to be. Become the best version of yourself, rather than a cheap imitation of someone else.

Is who you are right now consistent with the real you? If you saw yourself ten years from now, would you like the person you have become. The becoming process should not compromised. The becoming process is a series of little actions that escalate to the person we are. God gives us our nature, we act according to our nature. In the end, what will matter is who we have become and not how much material wealth we amassed.

We do things as a result of who we are as people, we are all inclined to take on to different interests. Our uniqueness is what makes us beautiful so why try to hide it.

You are, so you do!