10 Steps to Starting your Lifestyle Business

A lifestyle business is one in which you create the lifestyle you want first and a business that helps support that lifestyle. One of the reactions I find when I go out to speak to working people about this growing business trend is “that seems nice but it is simply unrealistic in my situation”. I am here to tell you that is simply not true. You can have both a lifestyle and business you love i.e. It is possible to build a business without being run over by it. Most people think the way they think because they have never really taken the time to plan out their life: They live from day to day hoping that something will change. The definition of craziness is doing the same thing but expecting different results. If you do not know where you are going, anywhere will take you there.

Change happens whether we are ready or not: as people we have to be proactive and not reactive to changes. Having a plan, helps us see possibilities. This does not mean you will never have any setbacks. Setbacks, failures are all a part of life, but when you are focused you are better prepared to deal with the unwanted changes.


10 Steps to get you started on your path from employment to lifestyle entrepreneurship:

1) Decide on the lifestyle you want:

Have you ever taken the time to really think about the lifestyle you really want or you just move along with the current of life? Well, if you are going to start a lifestyle business you have to take the time to think this through. If money was no object, would you want to live in Paris, out in the country or up on a hill?


2) Decide on what it will cost you to live the lifestyle:

The next step is to research what it actually costs to live the dream lifestyle. Sometimes it might surprise you that things are not as expensive as they seem.


3) Take inventory of everything you have:

What do you currently own that could help you towards this dream lifestyle


4) Take inventory of what you will need to leave behind:

Just as important as what you have, it is also important to realize you will have to let go of some things to live this lifestyle.


5) Determine what is needed to cover the gap:

Knowing what you have and what you will not have, you will have to develop a plan to cover the gap in achieving your desired lifestyle


6) Take an inventory of your skill set, likes and dislikes:

Next take an inventory of your skill sets, your likes and dislikes.


7) Do marketing research to see how your skill sets can meet people’s need.

Your research could consist of just talking to people locally, using a survey or studying trends. For me I did an inventory of the type of conversations people were having online


8) Resources needed for desired lifestyle business:

Research what resources are actually needed to pursue the lifestyle business you want. Would you need more education, a new computer, etc.?


9) Put together the business budget:

Use the results from your research above to put together the budget.


10) Go out and look for customers:

A business is not a business unless you have customers. You will need to create a mini marketing plan on how to reach customers. Your plan should have backup plans for instance what happens if you cold call your targeted customer and he or she says knows, what do you do next? Do you just hide your tail between your legs or do you move to the next course of action on your plan? Knowing there is a strategy behind the madness keeps you going when the going gets tough.


I think it is also important to point out here that lifestyle entrepreneurship is not for everyone. The path to lifestyle entrepreneurship could be filled with lots of uncertainties so if you do not like surprises, then lifestyle entrepreneurship will be too stressful for you. We are all made differently and my cup of tea may not be satisfying to someone else.

If you need help starting your lifestyle business, do not hesitate to contact me. I will love to help you get started on your lifestyle business journey.