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Basics of Understanding Your Business Financials

Welcome to the basics of understanding your financial. To help you understand your financials, I'm going to use George as an example. George wants to start a real estate business. Well, how does George move towards financial freedom?Knowing your numbers could be the difference between where you are right now and where you want to go. There are six basic things you need to know to understand your financials.
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QBI Deduction Review For Real Estate Professionals – 2018 Tax Planning

Today, I'm talking about... Hello there. Are you a real estate professional? Have you heard about the Qualified Business Income Deduction? Are you wondering if that applies to you in your real estate? If you're a real estate professional and you have questions about a Qualified Business Income deduction, you'll want to stay tuned and listen to this presentation. For real estate taxpayers, the IRS issued a safe harbor on
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