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QBI Deduction Review For Real Estate Professionals – 2018 Tax Planning

Today, I'm talking about... Hello there. Are you a real estate professional? Have you heard about the Qualified Business Income Deduction? Are you wondering if that applies to you in your real estate? If you're a real estate professional and you have questions about a Qualified Business Income deduction, you'll want to stay tuned and listen to this presentation. For real estate taxpayers, the IRS issued a safe harbor on
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End of Year Tax Planning: Overlooked Deductions (Part 4)

[Transcription]Hey, welcome. This is part four of Overlooked Deductions. If you've missed part one, two, or three, go back and take a look at those videos. You might be missing some deductions this year. Now, today, I'm going to talk about a deduction that you can easily overlook, which is your bonus. And now, this deduction means even more with the 2018 tax changes. So, congratulations. This year has been
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