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Fill Out W4 When Married Business Owner With Second Income

This part is the last part of filling out your W-4. It's for married taxpayers who have second income, where the second income pushes them over to another tax bracket. So, for example, your income alone might put you at the 12% tax bracket, but however, when you consider your spouse's income or your income from your job or your profits, it puts you at a higher bracket. So, it's just
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Small Business Tip: Audit Proofing Your Business Financials Part 1

So today we're talking about audit proofing the business. Record keeping is very fundamentals of keeping good, audit proofing your business. Record keeping is a discipline of keeping track of what is going on in your business. The goal of good record keeping is to, one provides information that helps you make good business decisions and two meet your legal obligations to the tax authorities. Record keeping is useless if
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