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Business Meals Deductions 2018

Hello, Evelyn here again talking about meal deduction while traveling. Now, there is a difference between meal deduction when you're eating locally and when you're eating travel... While traveling. Some business owners think that when they stop for breakfast on their way to work, that meal is deductible. I've had to catch it a couple of times in my clients' books. But that notion is wrong. Just because meal and
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Deducting Local Meals For Business Tax Write-Off

Today, I'm talking about... Hi, Evelyn here. Today I'm talking about meals and entertainment expenses, specifically local meals. So let's talk about deducting meals. The amount to deduct meals you must maintain records to show the amount of the expense, the time, and place. This purpose of the expense and the business relationship between the taxpayer and the person eating with the taxpayer. So in other words, to deduct the
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2018 Multi Year Tax Planning Strategies For Business

I'm sure right now you've heard about the 2018 tax changes. You've heard about the higher standard deduction and heard that most people are not going to itemize. What are some things you can do in 2018 to help you save some taxes over the long run? Today, I am going to talk about multi-year tax time issues.Today we're going to talk about multi-year tax planning. Actually, this is the best
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