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How To Set Business Financial Goals To Meet Your Retirement Needs

Do you have goals like, "I want to build a business I can pass on to my children." "I want a business to provide stability in my retirement years." "I want a business I can sell something and have a big payoff." Those are all retirement plan goals. So, if these are your goals for starting your business, or your reasons for starting your business, go ahead and watch this
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Meet Your Lifestyle Wants By Setting Business Financial Goals In 2019

Did you start your business just to meet your lifestyle needs? In other words, you started a business because you wanted to spend more time with your family, maybe provide for your family, or you just wanted to travel or do whatever and didn't want to be tied down by the demands of an employer, but at the same time you wanted to have a business so you can have
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Setting Financial Goals For 2019 (4-Part Series)

]Welcome to 2019. Congratulations for making it to this year. I'm so grateful. I feel so blessed to see 2019. What do you have planned for this year? You see, as you go on through this year, life will be filled with choices. And our choices of today, are the realities of our tomorrow. As you move through the year, there'll be lots of opportunities presented to you, and most of them
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