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End of Year Tax Planning: Overlooked Deductions (Part 4)

[Transcription]Hey, welcome. This is part four of Overlooked Deductions. If you've missed part one, two, or three, go back and take a look at those videos. You might be missing some deductions this year. Now, today, I'm going to talk about a deduction that you can easily overlook, which is your bonus. And now, this deduction means even more with the 2018 tax changes. So, congratulations. This year has been
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2018 Tax Strategies For Self Employed Earning Less Than $350K

Are you an entrepreneur making less than $350,000 dollars? Today, I talk tax strategies he can use to reduce taxes on your 2018 tax return.Previously I talked about entrepreneurs who make less than a $100,000. Even if you make above that amount, I do recommend you watch that video because there are some things you can learn. In this video I specifically talk about situations in addition to that. That might limit
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2018 Tax Planning Savings Tip For Business Earning Less Than $100k Annually

Are you an entrepreneur making less than 100,000? Well, today I'll be talking about tax strategies you can use in your 2018 taxes to help you save money.Let us talk about your 2018 tax planning. It's almost end of the year. It's time for you to start thinking about this. This episode right here is just dedicated to entrepreneurs making less than $100,000. So, if you're making more than that they'll be other
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