Understand financials

  • Budget with financial analysis template

    Congratulations on taking the plunge to improve your business!
    This template can be used for analyzing your current financial statements or budgeted numbers for the upcoming  or current year.
    1)The template can help you understand:

    1.  If you are growing as planned
    2.  If your debt is out of control
    3.  If you have enough cash to pay your taxes
    4.  How much you should be paying yourself.
    In addition there are sub budget templates, that can help you compute details for the following:

    1. Set personal goals: as a small business owner the budgeted financials starts with what you want personally.
    2. Projected revenue
    3. Budgeted administrative expenses
    4. Asset purchases and depreciation
    5. Budgeted labor cost
    6. Loan analysis
    7. Marketing plus business development budget
    8. Market pay for owner
    9. Personal net worth calculator

    To get the most of this template see the following free courses:

    1. How to create the budget
    2. Interpreting the numbers in line of your personal goals

    Consultation is also available by emailing: customersupport@bizexceltemplates.com