Retirement planning

  • Retire Proof your Business – Video, Manual and Workbook

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    Do you know exactly what you need from your business in order to retire .

    Whether you plan to:

    1. Sell your business
    2. Keep your business but have others run it
    3. Close your business.

    You need to set the right goals so you can someday retire.

    In this module, you learn:

    • What exactly do you need to retire?
    • Is your business capable of providing that income?
    • The valuation required for your retirement
    • Your current valuation
    • Gap analysis: What makes up the difference between your current valuation and target valuation.

    This module focuses on what is required to generate the assets needed so you can live on the interest payments only when you retire. In this this way you do not have to worry about outliving your retirement dollars as the principal remains untouched. So, if you live for 10 years or 100 years after retirement, it wouldn’t matter as you have enough assets to cover your lifestyle.

    What is included

    1. A manual in word format with detailed video instructions and valuable tips
    2. An excel workbook for your calculations