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  • Dues & Subscription Tracker


    While running your business we often run into tools that could help us do our business better. We start a subscription, use the tool for a couple of months and sometimes choose to abandon the tool. The only problem is we sometimes forget to cancel the subscription. As a result, we carry expenses on our books that no longer bears fruit for our business.

    To combat this problem, use this worksheet to track your ongoing subscriptions. To be effective, you will need to have a dues and subscription line item in your accounting software where you track all subscriptions. On a monthly basis, compare the total on the spreadsheet with the total of the line item in your financial software. Be sure to investigate any differences as this may be cancelled subscriptions that are still being charged to your account.

    This little change can save thousands over a couple of years. It’s amazing how little expenses can add up to big expenses over time.