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  • Retire Proof your Business – Video, Manual and Workbook Module 2


    Module 2– Planning for growth

    If you are in business, you know the importance of profits. But what is your profit really telling you? Do you know what numbers you should be looking at to improve profitability.

    In this module you get insights on:

    • Deeper meaning of the numbers in your financial statement.
    • Better understanding of where you have been to better understand where you are going: To understand where you are going, first you have to understand where you have been.
    • Important ratios in your business
    • Understand how much you should pay yourself and what you will need to get there
    • Understand your cash flow better
    • And much more …

    This profitability analysis comes with detailed exercises to motivate the action you need for future growth. Get detailed insights into your business.

    Release date: December 2017