What is your view about the way the world works?

What is your view about the way the world works?

Scarcity or abundance?

Which Scenario Best Describes You?

Scenario 1

  • You believe when one person gets something it takes away from something you could have received
  • You are either very competitive: you are either always looking to take what someone else has created because you believe that is the one wealth can be built or
  • You give up easily as you see no reason to try or you are afraid of stepping on someone else’s toes.
  • You find it easy to take because you feel the world owes you. You always feel the “rich people” of the world owe you for being rich. If it was not for them being rich your life could be so much better.

Scenario 2

  • You always seeking to create value because you realize that the capacity to create value is infinite
  • You acknowledge wealth is built when you create value people are willing to pay for.
  • You are always trying and you realize the fact that the things don’t work the way you intended does not mean you have failed but rather serves as a propeller for the next idea.
  • You see the “rich people” of the world as an inspiration
  • You set goals and consistently brainstorm ways value can be created
  • You do not aim to take something for nothing but seek to give people more in value than they pay you in return.
  • You treat people with respect and seek to create value for those who choose to transact with you and would not want an exchange for payment if the other party perceives no value.

The first scenario is a scarcity mentality while the second scenario describes an abundance mentality. A business that operates with an abundance mentality uses innovation as a means to build wealth while businesses that operate from a scarcity mentality over use marketing to “take market share”. You do not always have to exist in the same market your competitors exist in: there are an infinite number of niches to discover if one is willing to explore. As business owner we have to be able to rise above our current circumstances and see the vision. This is why a vision statement is important, it gives you focus when nothing seems to be working right.

As a business thinketh so it is …