Two Success Strategies for the Lifestyle Entrepreneur

IMG_4301What does it really take to become successful as a lifestyle entrepreneur?

There are 2 widely used strategies most entrepreneurs use to build their business namely:

Time: As a lifestyle entrepreneur, you start out with very little resources and will need to start small by providing services and products that are very inexpensive to start. Over time these resources bring in value to the system that can be used to create even greater value.  There is a lot of value in time because it builds a wisdom which you cannot get from any other means. In today’s microwave society, using time to grow is seen as a bad thing. On the contrary I think it is a beautiful thing. If we are always in a hurry, we miss a lot of important life lessons along the way. When you use time to reach your goals, the results mean so much more to you.

Moreover, a person who grows too quickly is always moving from project to project, never deriving full satisfaction from any project because he/she feels there is always something better they have to rush to. They may look very successful on the outside, but are not really happy. They may even fool the world into believing they are the happiest people on earth but when all is said and done, they have to ask themselves,  “what is all this for anyway?”. The key is to have a plan, work your plan, be consistent and with time you will reap the fruits of your labor.

Partnerships: You have heard it said before, “It is not what you know is who you know.” One of the most popular ways to effectively grow is to use other people’s audience to build your audience. For instance, if you have a product that will benefit the banking industry, you can approach a bank that has 300,000 plus employees to buy your product for all their employees.

Another way to use partnership is to provide free resources to people with huge audiences. If the audience likes what you put out, they will come looking for you and become your customer.

Partnership and time work hand in hand. While partnerships allow you to reduce the amount of time it takes to accomplish your growth goals, building those partnerships takes time. People have to see and trust the work you have done before they pay you any attention. Don’t expect people to partner with you if you have a crummy product or service. Over time when you have demonstrated your commitment to your business, people begin to take notice of you and want to partner with you.

Now that you have read this tip, I will like to hear from you other strategies you have used to grow your business.