Lifestyle business: The Simple Path to Building a Business to Support the Life you Really Want.

Who says you can’t have it all?


Do you think that living the life you really want is just a dream?  As a single parent I used to think that living the life I loved was just a pipe dream, only reserved for those with lots of money. But I was wrong, and if you are thinking the same thing, you are wrong too. Seven years ago, I started a lifestyle CPA practice that has allowed me a wonderful life and freedom. I have used my knowledge of accounting  and operational processes to design my business in a way that allows me the freedom I need to enjoy the life I want and I can help you do the same. So what is a lifestyle business? A lifestyle business is simply one that affords you the time and money to enjoy the people and things you like the most.

A lifestyle entrepreneur is different from other entrepreneurs in that achieving a desired lifestyle is more important than money. This is not to say lifestyle entrepreneurs do not care about making money, they actually do as money is an important part of living the dream life. However, most lifestyle entrepreneurs are usually more efficient and productive when it comes to managing their resources to afford them more time for the people or things they love. People go into lifestyle businesses for different reasons: some people want the freedom to travel, some want to spend more time with family, some just want more free time to pursue other projects. Lifestyle business is about stepping out of the rat race and not recreating it. It’s about becoming the person you have been created to be. As part of the rat race, it’s hard to see clearly and to create. What is often missing from lifestyle businesses is a legacy system or a system of acquiring wealth that outlives the founder. A lot of lifestyle entrepreneurs have mastered the art of making enough for today’s needs. However, not much attention is given to twenty years down the road or still having income if they choose to walk away from their lifestyle business. Here at Lifestyle CPA we will teach you to do just that i.e. the path to true FINANCIAL FREEDOM with your lifestyle business.

It is important to note here lifestyle entrepreneurship is not the gateway to perpetual laziness. One thing you have to understand is as humans we are always becoming never arriving. So when the becoming process is undermined, there is conflict with the natural order of things. Work is a big tool used to push us to become and when work is skipped the becoming process is compromised. I do not mean that we should work 80-hour weeks tirelessly. When you truly love the work you do, time is not a factor. There are days you will work only one hour and days when you would have worked ten and not even noticed. There are even stretches of time you will choose to do no work to revitalize your soul. There is no rush in entrepreneurship.

One essential skill needed to build a lifestyle business is the ability to think. There are so many facets that need to be considered: your personal believes and value system, your family, your likes and dislikes. A lifestyle business will look different for different people as no two people are exactly the same. Stepping out should allow you to see things a little bit clearer. Thinking should not only be in dollars and cents but about making life better for those around you and around the world. It’s about making a sacrifice and not merely fulfilling all your selfish desires. As a lifestyle entrepreneur, you sacrifice your time to think of ways to make people’s life better, build up your spouse and children and improve the quality of life for others. Serving others could be in the form of a small business, a multinational corporation or a nonprofit.

Size is not the issue but how best your purpose is served will determine the size. There are some businesses that only lend themselves to a few customers but they serve those few customers exceptionally well. Starting a lifestyle business should be done around the very one thing you will do for free. That is your calling, your God given talent. So do you already have a lifestyle business or want to start one? Leave me a comment with any questions, doubts or insights you may have.