Value builder

We can teach you how to run a valuable business. Your business value should  increase each year. With better financial management you can learn how to increase the value of your business by increasing profitability and reducing dependence on you.

The value of your business is the key to your financial freedom! We can show you how to increase that value.

Your Value Builder Score is calculated through an analysis of your business´s performance on eight attributes proven to be important to acquiring companies when evaluating a business as a potential acquisition target. How much someone else is willing to pay for your business is a very good indication of value.

Your Value Builder Score is derived from the sum of these eight scores using our proprietary weighting model designed using a quantitative survey of business owners and the professionals who serve them.

Along with your score, you will receive a result on all eight of the attributes that drive your Value Builder Score. You will also see the average score for each attribute among companies in your industry. To improve your overall Value Builder Score, start by improving the areas you scored the lowest in. At the end of each section, there are a series of questions for you to consider. By working on the weak areas in your business you can improve the VALUE of your business.

The information you are provided after completing the assessment aims to guide you in increasing the value of your business.

You can get your Value Builder score now by completing the FREE assessment.