Shut Up World – Here I Come !!!

Warning: This is not for the superficial or shallow

On a very hot summer afternoon, I came charging into the world: Crying at the top of my lungs. It was as if I was telling the world shut up – here I come!!!  As a baby, I was fed, cleaned, slept and all my needs were taken care off. My slate was handed to my parents who wrote my script for me. Everything about me was on that slate, when I woke up, slept, went to school, etc. The slate also had scripts for who my parents wanted me to be and the world’s expectations of me. So every day, I was conditioned to “behave” in such a way to be loved by the world.

Life was good, I felt protected never having to worry about anything. Then just as quickly as it all started, I turned 18 and I was pushed out the door with an almost blank slate to write my own script. The only thing left on the slate was my parent dreams and the world’s expectations. The rest of the slate was left up to me fill with my own scripts. Off to college I went not knowing how my story was going to turn out. I looked at my almost blank slate not knowing what to fill it up with. I climbed up a hill and looked down at the world and I heard the world ask me what I was going to do now with my almost blank slate. I replied I do not know. But world you never stopped there, you taunted me every day with new ideas and philosophies. So I yelled, shut up world!!!

Every day, I awoke to set forth on this journey called life still looking at my almost blank slate. I followed the lines that were passed on to me when I left home. Every day there was a new message from the world telling me that “one more thing” I needed to have a fulfilled and happy life. I started filling my slate with what the world told me I needed to be happy. Then I looked at my slate and it was full: I had everything the world told me will make me happy, the big house, the nice car and the 2.5 kids, but, I still felt empty. So I yelled again shut up world, please let me be!!!

I began to erase my slate again to re-discover who I really was. But again, I was sold by other people’s appearances, qualifications and words. My slate quickly filled up again with things that could not fulfill. I thought surely these gurus looked like they knew what they were saying.

It is so hard to shut the world up and discover who I really am. So now I feel damaged, beaten and worn and I begin to say to myself maybe there is no point. I say maybe its best I lock my slate away and just do what I need to survive each day. But each time, I turn on the TV or radio I am reminded of my slate. By this time, it is worn from the words it has endured over the years. So I go back and pick up the slate again. I stare at it and remember when my parents held it. I remembered when it was still new and filled with love, hope and dreams. Then I ask myself how I let my slate get so worn out. Why did I not protect it better from the influences of the world? I remember when I was a child; I was told God answers prayers. So I got on my knees and asked that my slate be renewed. Now I have learned to shut the world up and protect my slate. I have also learned the secret to happiness: Happiness is not found in one more thing, but in contentment of spirit.

You reading this blog post, what does your slate look like No matter what other people claim no one can protect your slate as good as you can. It is up to you to decide what you need and set forth to be it. So learn to shut the world up and go learn you.

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