The Lifestyle Entrepreneur’s Journey – A Search for Meaning

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Did you find yourself  a lifestyle entrepreneur because of job loss, an illness or was it a conscious choice? Whichever way you got here, all lifestyle entrepreneurs have this in common: they realized something was broken in their life and the old way of doing things was just not going to work.

The thoughts and depth of lifestyle entrepreneurs vary: some want to travel, some want to spend more time with family, some just like the freedom lifestyle entrepreneurship presents. I applaud you for the courage it took to make that clean break.

I will like to share my personal journey with you. About seven years ago, I found myself divorced, broke and having two daughters to take care of. I wanted a way to spend more time with my children and yet make a living to maintain a roof over our head so I decided to start seeking clients and work from my home.

That simple decision to do that has presented me with so many opportunities. My children and I have been truly blessed. This simple lifestyle CPA practice has afforded me the ability to live my definition of a dream life. I decided long ago that I was not going to exist in a box and I was always going to think different, be different. In short I decided to be me: the person I have been created to be.

So why accounting, how did I choose accounting as the aspect of lifestyle entrepreneurship I was going to focus on. You see that came from my search for meaning and until you answer this fundamental question for yourself, you will never find fulfillment in anything you do. There are three questions I had to address namely:

  • What makes me human
  • What is wrong with the world: Why is it that what I own never satisfies?
  • What is life’s purpose and meaning? Is there a purpose to life?  How do I fit into the larger purpose of life?


What makes me human

As a human am I simply a biological machine whose main goal in life is to make sure my species survive?  Am I what I wear, what I own, my job title or even my handicaps? Am I a human because I have intellect or relationships with others?

Right from the time we are born, we are trained to act “human”: We are told how to feel in certain conditions, how to dress, how to eat, etc.  No wonder we come to believe that our collective life’s experience is what defines us as a person.

So, what really makes us human?

In my search to answer this question I discovered that I am a person created in the image of God. As a human, I possess a spiritual dimension called the soul.  It is from the soul we choose to love, create, and most of all perceive there is a higher power. So until you get in touch with your soul and connect it to its source of power, you lack true freedom.  This brings me to my next point …


What is wrong with the world?

There is a cancer that has eroded the human heart and we need freedom to be the kind of person God intended us to be. Just look around you and you will see evidence of the human condition.

Our main problem as humans is we have lost our relationship with OUR SOURCE of power. So we wander around life like travelers with no map. When we feel powerless, we are more likely to engage in destructive habits and meaningless pursuits.


What is life’s purpose and meaning

Is there a meaning to life? Do I have a life’s purpose?  Most people might not ask question 1 and 2 but always ask 3. However, without coming to terms with what makes you human and what is wrong with the world, finding your life’s purpose becomes very difficult.

If your fundamental believe of what makes you human or the human condition is faulty then your life’s purpose will also be faulty. Let me give an example: If you believe that your social status is what defines you as a human then your life’s purpose will be to climb up the social ladder. Also if you believe there is nothing wrong with the human condition, then you will never feel a need to connect to a higher power. However, it is this connection that helps define our life’s purpose.

So how do you find your life’s purpose? Well, you only find it by being connected to the source and giver of all life. I refer to this source as God.  God reveals so much to me as I connect to Him each day. However, there is one caveat: to establish that relationship you will need to go through his son Jesus Christ.

Here at Lifestyle CPA I am living out my purpose the very thing I have been called to do.

Now that I have freed from the fundamental problem of the human condition which is a broken relationship, I have true freedom.   Not only freedom from, but also freedom to BECOME.

Anyone who stops long enough to think will discover the soul naturally thugs at these issues.

Ultimately, we all want to experience freedom but unfortunately freedom does not stem from your ability to travel or even spend more time with  your family. But true freedom comes by being connected to the SOURCE of all power.

Here at lifestyle CPA, I hope to  go beyond the superficial and help you search deep within to so you too can fulfill your life’s purpose. I do not stop there, I help you create a financial plan to help you achieve this purpose. Everyone’s purpose is different so not two plans will ever look the same.